Virtual Sister Scribes: Get to Know Zora’s Den

Michael Tager Delves into a Writing Den Without Limits: Zora’s Den

My group formed organically enough: I asked my buddy, then two others, then we asked people we met through the scene. Like many writers, I belong to a cohort of like-minded folks. We get together once a month—sometimes at our houses, sometimes at bars or cafes—and we read each other’s work, critique, encourage, and most importantly: support each other. After two years of these meetings, I still look forward to it every month.

I never questioned this process until I recently spoke with a poet friend of mine, Rea Harris, who mentioned a new online writing group she joined. It was, she explained, a Facebook group specifically for African American women writers. It served many functions and she was excited about the possibilities it held, especially concerning the many challenges and barriers for AA women. This virtual writing group— Zora’s Den—was bred out of a lack of groups designed for the audience and content AA writers are creating, exploring, and seeking.

After speaking with Victoria Adams-Kennedy, the creator and founder of Zora’s Den, as well as three of the group members (Jeida Walker, Clynthia Burton and Dionne Peart), my questions were answered. Looking forward to the future, they were all excited about the group, its purpose, and its promise. I have to say, I am as well.

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