The Imperfect Mother

Ahhh…motherhood. Most mothers will tell you that becoming a mother has given them a newer and higher purpose in life. They will attest to the idea that motherhood is the most rewarding part of life. As beautiful as is motherhood, every mother has both good days and bad days. There are those moments in mothering when everything seems just right, and then there are those days when things seem to go all wrong.

When things are great, we don’t often complain. We are happy for the successes of the day, whether that accomplishment is defined by adhering to the daily routine outlined for our ever-busy children, or by reading a bedtime story when we are usually unable. We claim those victories with a peaceful smile, knowing that moments like these are treasures.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, in moments of high stress, frustration, and difficulty, it’s easy to feel badly about our abilities as mothers. I have heard many mothers say, “I’m a bad mom.” Most often that statement is fueled by nothing other than the guilt of responding to a challenging situation in what we see as a less than perfect way.

The working mother often feels guilty if she is unable to adequately juggle the roles of wife, mother, business woman, friend, and daughter. The stay-at-home mom may feel a sense of dread for desiring a child-free moment of peace.

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